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The first thing you're going to notice is the massive meaty, chunky real food. Not minced mush. Secondly if you get mixes with vegetables and herbs is the freshness and vibrance of colours. It's so obvious right there and then that this food is on a level of it's own. It's not a minced pattie or roll saying its premium just be the wrapping or packaging, you're going to see it IS premium. Our raw food premixes are unlike anything else available when it comes to raw feeding diets for dogs and cats.

We make several raw premixes that replicate the ancenstral diet of your dog/cat. Our raw food pre-mixes provide a solid base for your raw feeding diet.

Australian-made, 100% natural raw produce, no fillers or additives, no grains, no rice or preservatives...this is nothing to brag about it's a basic standard., these things should never be a part of a natural raw food diet.

We source our raw produce from Australian suppliers and farmers. Small and local businesses are the backbone of our society they create jobs, they reinvest within their communities and it's helping ensure our access to quality produce for future generations. Ethical produce, sustainablity and supporting local farmers and indigenous communities. How many raw food brands are doing this?

When using only premium superfood ingredients like water buffalo, mutton bird, venison, shiitake mushrooms and goat organs your pet is receiving optimal primed nutrition to enjoy a healthy disease free life. If you want real raw, fresh hand packed raw mixes you're at the top of the ladder with RogueRaw


  • No rice or grains
  • No fillers
  • No Preservatives
  • No bone dust
  • Fully Licensed by NSW Food Authority
  • Hand made
  • 100% Australian raw produce
  • Exotic proteins for allergy sufferers
  • Not available or comparable to any other product.


  • We love our pets and love to feel we're involved in their health so we get it, preparing meals and knowing the content is very important. We've done the work for you with care and love in a professional facility you could eat from yourself!
  • Our raw food premixes are ready to serve. Simply thaw and serve, there is no need for meal prepping.
  • No need to portion out servings, our mixes can be fed up to 4 days if refrigerated.

RAW FOOD ISN'T always right food.

All raw produce is not the same. Raw feeding is healthy and and nutritious for our pets but this doesn't mean all raw produce is healthy.

How was it grown? What was it fed? Animals deprived of natural forage and grass are themselves depleted in Omega 3s and become sick due to their unnatural diet that is fed to them for commerciaal reason not their welfare. Factory farmed animals are fed with processed inflammatory foods so when people dont undertsanbd this and are feeding a "natural diet" of factory farmed produce they wonder why their dog still has health issues?

Wild and free ranged produce are a completely different nutritional factsheet. They are naturally packed with Omega 3 and that's due to their diet and metabolism.

This is the very reason we recommend and include grass fed and wild ranged products. in our premixes. Your dog is provided with an optimal nutrition base that includes rare and difficult to source produce.

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relax, we've got you covered

Raw meal prepping takes time, energy, stress and running around. Sourcing quality and rare produce adds another level and it's not so easy for many people especially in today's busy world.

We are raw food specialistdedicated to producing quality raw food only, that's it nothing else. We produce our batches weekly so our food is fresh and snap frozen without fillers...so it's kind of technically home made anyway!

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