Raw Dog Food with a Difference

Our Story - Raw Feeeding with Love

100% Real food. 100% Natural. 0% Bullsh*t.

  • No mince patties.
  • No limitation to just minces dressed up as "balanced meals"
  • No fillers and meal preps padded out with fat & bone meal

We are Australia's largest range of premium raw food with an unmatched variety of produce. Water buffalo, lamb, rabbit, venison, mutton bird, beef, wild ranged goat, free ranged turkey and chicken plus premium rare organs and super-food mixes for dogs and cats.

Honest raw food for pets doesn’t need gimmicks, celebrities or fancy packaging designed by ad gurus.  We provide dogs and cats biologically precise diets as close to its natural source as possible. 


Due to our extensive range, your pet's diet is fully customizable to suit their life stages and health needs.

For example a puppy has a different diet requirement to an adult. Maybe your dog is injured or ill, these all may require changes in diet.

Most packaged or pre-mixed diets are literally selling you or convincing you to buy a product that is easy or commercially profitable for them and their business.Whilst that is best for their interests, how about your dogs needs?

With over 9 different produce varieties and 30 different products you can provide a variety and quality unavailable anywhere else.

When selecting produce there are so many benefits in sourcing and supporting ethical producers.  Not only does this ensure a better quality of life for those animals, their produce is of premium qualityand supports ethical producers doing the right thing.

YES! of course this comes at a price, but we believe that by supporting  ethical farmers and producers we can one day end the cruelty inflicted upon intensively farmed animals. Change in this industry can only be achieved through we the consumers, and the choices we MAKE!


  • Feeding carnivorous pets just minced meat or just one protein is NOT enough. They need the marrows, bones, cartilage, fats, organs and offal to nourish them entirely.
  • Feeding pet rolls is NOT raw feeding.
  • Bones and cartilage provide mental stimulation, keep your pet fuller for longer and provide regular teeth and gum health and maintenance. After all did you know many diseases start from the mouth? 
  • Dogs and cats NEED whole, chunky foods.  We stock a massive selection of whole raw produce such as legs, heads, carcasses and raw meaty bones to deliver a COMPLETE and realistic raw food diet.

The pet food industry is very loosely regulated and is overrun with poor quality food and ingredients coupled with excellent marketing and seductive packaging. We don’t and won't sell or recommend pet mince or end of life foods. Many ‘raw food’ suppliers mix in other proteins despite naming it “Chicken”,they will include beef, fish, lamb. Simultaneoulsy they will  name it “Beef” and include chicken, fish, lamb.  It’s amazing what companies can get away with in the pet food industry. With our products when we name it, thats exactly what it is.


  • Pet mince is often filled with ground bone or other cheap fillers to increase mass and profit margins
  • “Bone dust” is often swept up of the floor or machine and mixed in with minced food as a cheap filler. Although the label on regular dog food may say 100% beef or chicken, it does not mean that it is human grade or fit for human consumption. Most often, food that cannot be sold to humans (diseased or decaying produce) is permissible to be produced as pet food.

We use and promote ethically free ranged, organic or wild produce where possible. Venison, goat, sardines, water buffalo, mutton bird, chicken, lamb and turkey are truly wild or free ranged produce.

Our raw food is NOT pet mince, it is HUMAN GRADE and we never use diseased or condemned produce, unlike many pet foods brands.Hygiene, consistency and premium quality is the cornerstone of our success. and our main ingredient is honesty!In a market place awash with clever marketing and advertising many customers are easily fooled into poor choices of food.Our RAW food diet provides variety, mental and physical stimulation for your dog. We specialise in novel proteins such as Venison, Mutton Bird, Australian Bush Goat, Water Buffalo, and free ranged Lamb and Turkey. The high quality of our products are based on the way the animal has been raised and fed.

We inspect every batch. No preservatives(Snap frozen).

No Fillers. No Added Chemicals. FREE RANGED Deer, Water Buffalo, Turkey, Mutton Bird

  • Variety We provide a range of protein sources to ensure your dog does not develop allergies after being fed the same food every day.
  • Passion & Sincerity We are not driven by greedy shareholders or profit margins. We genuinely care about the health of animals and your pets.
  • Convenience We are open 7 days a week. Our team is always available to assist and answer any questions and we also offer HOME DELIVERY services.


  • We believe ALL animals deserve respect and have a right to quality of life.
  • We believe the foundation of health is nutrition.
  • We believe many industries have built empires around purely commercial gain, and we believe this is wrong.
  • We believe there is a solution to animal cruelty therefore we avoid feeding/selling intensive farmed produce where possible.
  • We believe that we/you can make a change by purchasing/supporting ethical products.
  • We believe that mankind has been entrusted with the earth and as custodians of it each one of us has a responsibility to think about our choices.

By forsaking nature we forsake a truly healthy existence. We eat depleted, processed foods to save time and money, only to spend untold amounts treating illness brought about by a poor diet. Our way of living overflows into our families and our pets. 

Allergies, cancers and skin issues are at an all time high amongst both human and pets wherby it’s now accepted as normal. Of all animal species on the planet – pet dogs are the HIGHEST with rates of cancer. So many dogs that are allergic to grass and beef, could you imagine if a wolf or a coyote was allergic to grass or meat? How could it survive?

Human greed and business has intervened into a dog’s diet which has contributed to so many of the their modern, health issues. Our mission is not to make you think like us, but just to make you think. We sincerely hope you find this website insightful as we share our passion for healthy raw diets and natural care for dog