Rogue RAW - FAQs (frequently asked questions)


FAQ'S About Our Raw Diet for Pets

Why choose Rogue RAW?

We pride ourselves in providing the 'RogueRaw Difference'. This means selecting only the freshest, finest quality, either free-ranged or pasture-raised meats. We stock unique, exotic products to ensure your pet has access to the best of the best ini raw whole foods.


Does Rogue RAW use any form of preservatives or additives?

Absolutely not. Rogue RAW does not use any form of preservatives, fillers, hormones, additives or denaturation in our RAW rangeto ensure our products retain their quality as either human grade, pasture or free-ranged produce. To ensure your pet's food processing is as RAW as possible, it is simply delivered fresh weekly, packed in house and snap frozen for freshness.


I want to switch my pet's food to RAW but have no idea where to start?

The toughest part of feeding a RAW diet is the beginning; getting your portions, percentages and prepping processes sorted. However, feeding RAW doesn't have to be hard! We encourage all our customers to do their research to ensure they are feeding their pet a balanced RAW diet. To aid in this, we have created meal packs (hyperlink) that help make feeding RAW feel like a breeze. 


Is my puppy okay to be fed a RAW diet?

Yes! Puppies are fine to be fed a RAW diet after being weaned, however we do recommend familiarising yourself with your pup's daily nutritional requirements based on their age. It is critical that growing pups are fed a BALANCED RAW diet as proper daily nutrition is crucial for bone, joint and body health.


How do I feed your food?

We recommend feeding our products using the 80/10/10 or the PMR method. This method dictates a diet of 80% muscle meat, 10% bone content and 10% liver and other organ content. Our range is carefully curated to fulfill these requirements when calculated against your dog's weight.



Do you deliver to my suburb/postcode?

We are always working on expanding our RAW delivery service to as many residences as possible. Please email and provide your suburb name and postcode so that we can check for possible delivery and a quote for delivery time.


Will my products spoil if I'm not home to collect my package?

All of our RAW deliveries are sent with a refrigerated courier, with layers of Techni Ice and encased with insulated bubble wrap. Once delivered, ensure that the items are refrigerated/frozen as soon as possible to lengthen the shelf life of your products.


How long do Rogue RAW products last?

As we do not use any form of preservatives or additives in our products, they will keep for a few days defrosted. Please ensure that you conduct proper meat handling and food hygiene procedures to maximize the shelf life of your order.


A product I ordered wasn't delivered?

Due to demand instore and online for our RAW range, we sometimes have some products temporarily run out of stock. We will always attempt to contact you regarding an alternative or will put your order on hold until the product comes back in stock, if desired. If repeated contact is unsuccessful, we reserve the right to refund the missing item and send the order out as is.


I haven't received my order?

We endeavor to dispatch cleared orders within 1-3 business days. If it has been longer and you haven't received your order, this could be due to a number of reasons such as incorrect address, 'return to sender', lost in transit or human error. Please immediately contact us on (02) 4620 7660 or at with your order number ready so that we can follow this up for you.


Do you have any Stockists/suppliers?

As much as we would like to expand our RAW range to other states, our sole distributor of Rogue RAW is located in our Campbelltown showroom.