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Raw feeding for cats with real Australian produce not just pet "mush" or patties mass produced and sold in fancy coloured cardboard boxes (why do those guy use all these weird woke names?)  We're here for your cat and we're here to provide better raw food options than anyone else.  We specilise in serious raw food like raw green tripe, raw meaty bones, whole organs and premixes, everything your cat or kitten needs for a quality raw food diet.  Our super-premium quality raw food for cats range includes species appropriate raw food range you won't find anywhere else.

  • All Australian produce
  • Grain Free & No Preservatives
  • Species appropriate food
  • Prey Model & BARF  options

Shop our raw feeding range in in store or online. A range of raw cat meal packs or DIY raw feed your cat with choices from our large selection of natural raw produce. We home deliver to NSW, VIC, Western Australia, Queensland, ACT, Tasmania and South Australia.


Shark Jerky Chews
from $19.99 AUD