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Terms & Policies


Your privacy is valuable, it's important to us and we want you to know your in safe hands. Our online systems are heavily monitored with strict policies for customer information and fraud surveillance.   Your personal details and information suppplied for orders, order verification, marketing or competitions are held in the strictest confidence. Any information we collect will only be used for RogueRaw business purposes.


We require raw food orders to be placed via the website by Saturday midday for the following week's delivery. You will be emailed an order confirmation so please ensure we are marked as ‘safe’ to ensure you receive our emails. If you miss cutoff time for ordering, we will contact you to arrange a delivery option or time.

Only one account is allowed per customer.  Creating multiple accounts to abuse discounts or misrepresent a customer's identity is a violation of our terms of service. We reserve the right to cancel accounts and deny future service to accounts created to abuse goodwill.

Refunds & Returns Policy

 RogueRaw will refund or replace any products if they are spoiled or for factors that are due to our fault. Please contact us immediately via phone or email at raw@rogueroyalty.com.au to report faults with supporting evidence/images.

Pleaser provide your order refereence number so we can contact you  immediately. The product will need to be retained for examination.

We are unable to accept returns for health and safety reasons. If products are opened and/or offered and not consumed it cannot be returned or refunded.

Delivery Policy

RogueRaw prides itself on quality excellence with product and service. All deliveries are hand packed and inspected before boxing and despatch. Delivery is by refrigerated courier as we do not use preservatives.

Deliveries days are Monday to Saturdays and are at the discretion of the individual courier.  You will receive an sms informing you about your delivery time and date. Your order will be left according to the your delivery instructions where possible. We are not always able to meet specific time frames and at times teh courier will need to excercise professional discretion. It is the customers responsibility to receive the delivery products and freeze within 10 hours of receiving the goods.

Packaging & Sustainability

At RogueRaw we are very conscious of our environmental footprint, and most of customer are too! It's so much better when everyone chips in, here's some tips to help:

  • Cardboard delivery boxes can be reused, repurposed or recycled via your home recycling bin. We also encourage larger quantities to be delivered where possible to lessen boxes.
  • The plastics eg the insulated bubble liner & soft plastic product packaging can be re-used or recycled at any participating recycling location. 
  • The gel ice packs can either be used for your own personal use or be emptied into the soil in the garden for better water retention. The gel is non toxic and will break down over time. The gel cannot be put down the sink.

Cancelled Orders

If an order needs cancelling (and possibly refunding), please email us raw@rogueroyalty.com.au with the order number requiring cancellation and reason prior to the Monday when the delivery is expected.