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What is a Natural Raw Diet for Dogs?

Health professionals have been telling us for years to move away from processed foods,  that we should eat more raw, fresh food . Exactly the same  applies for our beloved pets and pet owners are becoming incleasinly savvy about feeding natural raw diets to their pets. 

With that said, there are many companies exploiting the popularity of raw natural feeding so we encourage everyone to look into the back story.  Past the fancy, branded website and marketing ...into the source and how your "natural raw petfood" is being sourced and prepared.

Companys state their "passion" for healthy pets, selling "balanced and premium raw food" but often is by products from un

Here's a few tips on investigating your raw feeding supplier

  1. Is the produce wild or free ranged or all factory farmed?
  2. How much fillers and preservatives ( fillers include ground bone, water, vegetables).  The best way test what your actually buying is by taking a portion of mince and microwaving it for 30 seconds.  Meat doesn't melt - most fillers will.
  3. Does the range include raw green tripe?
  4. Is there a selection of various raw meaty bones?
  5. How many single protein varieties do they stock?

RogueRaw provides a completely balanced and fully customisable raw diet for any special dietary or health needs for your dog or cat. Our raw meal packs or individual raw food items can be ordered easily online to cater for pets of any size, breed, age and health condition.

Our natural raw food is made fresh on site and snap frozen to avoid preservatives. Most of our packed products only last around a week or two until replenished. Know you're getting the best food produce.  Not deep-frozen stock from the back of the freezer sitting around for months.

We cater for Prey Model diets, BARF( Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diets and everything in between.  We never use preservatives fillers, grains and other artificial additives.

The ideal natural raw diet for dogs 

A raw diet for dogs  includes organs, muscle meat, raw meaty bones, raw green tripe, raw eggs. This can be supplemented with dog-safe fruits, herbs and vegetables.  

  • Feeding minced pet mince is not enough.  It is heavily imbalanced and will cause health and structural issues and provides no oral hygeine for your pet.
  • Feeding raw green tripe is a must as it promotes gut health and aids the digestion process enhancing metabolism and better access to the nutrients from the food the dogs consumes.
  • Feeding raw meaty bones is a must. Bones contain the perfect ration of calcium to phosphorous. Apart from this they provide mental stimulation, stress and boredome relief and oral/teeth hygeine.
  • Meat is not enough dogs need micro and macro vitamins and minerals. The richest natural source of these are organs, innards of prey animals.


What is the healthiest raw meat for dogs?

Free ranged, wild meats are the healthiest.  Water buffalo, goat, rabbit , venison, mutton bird and turkey.  Why? because the animal raised naturally, stress-free and have higher Omega count.

Our dogs and cats should be fed a natural diet that gives them the best quality of life and the chance to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.