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Natural Pet Treats

If you're after cutesy, heart shaped morsels or the same old processed patty  liver chews -  our treats are not for you. 

Our range has been specially selected based on their health benefits for dogs and cats and sadly this means we're not winning the cute pet treats race because , well um …our treats are BUTT UGLY. Like they look really bad.

What we lose in the beauty comp, we make up for in  nutrition benefits.  They are absolute kickass natural powerhouses for vitamins, Omegas , protein and minerals hands down. Our treats range is curated to deliver targeted nutrition and health benefits to dogs whilst at the same time still be a functional aid for trainining and rewards based exercises.

Feel free to browse each product as each one has a superpower benefit for your pet. We cover digestive, joint, skin/coat health. Inflammation, allergies, leaky gut, immune boosting and growing requirements.  We do this well and that's why our customers keep returning and if you know you know, after all beauty is on the inside right ?

Green Tripe Jerky
from $16.99 AUD
Goat Organ Jerky
from $16.99 AUD
Shark Jerky Chews
from $19.99 AUD
Deer Antlers
from $16.00 AUD
Deer Organ Treats
$19.99 AUD