Raw Feeding for Cat Transition - Meal Pack #02


Our Cat Transition Meal Pack is natural raw cat food that is natural and minimally processed raw meat produce to ensure the transition to raw feeding is as easy as possible whilst providing quality produce and hydration for your cat.

Our packs are designed so you can raw feed your cat with a wholesome and balanced diet and take all the stress and guess work out of it!  The pack includes 
exceptionally highly  bio available produce for cats, venison and lamb.  Venison is a high welfare and ethical produce and  provides a lean and protein-rich raw food meat for your cat's raw feeding meals. Venison closely resembles the prey larger cats would consume in the wild. This high-quality protein ensures optimal raw feeding nutrition for cats and supports their health and well-being.

To enhance the variety experience, Primal Lamb Mix is included in this pack.  Lamb meat, organ and hearts provide

  • Rich source of essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals,
  • Heart - High in taurine and protein vital for cats
  • Human grade lamb meat is high in iron and protein with some natural healthy fats.

Our Cat Transition Meal Pack adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety. We carefully inspect and process all produce and we minimally process to process natural goodness, energy  and nutritional value. We prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing, ensuring that your cat receives the best ingredients while supporting responsible farming practices.

By choosing our Cat Transition Meal Pack, you're providing your cat with a nutritionally balanced diet that aligns with their instinctual needs. Watch as they thrive on a raw food diet, experiencing benefits such as improved digestion, a glossy coat, and increased energy levels.

Make the transition to a raw food diet a seamless and enjoyable experience for your cat with our premium Cat Transition Meal Pack. With the principles of the prey model and BARF at the core of our formulation, we offer a pathway to optimal health and wellness. Trust [Company Name] to provide your cherished feline companion with the very best in raw nutrition.

Meal Pack Contents:

Primal Venison 500g
Primal Lamb 500g

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