PRIMAL - LAMB MIX with organs for dogs


Meaty Lamb & Organ Raw Mix for Dogs & Cats

  • Free ranged lamb – Non intensively farmed.
  • Ready to serve lamb, lamb organs & heart meat
  • For dogs & cats
  • Made on premises by hand

Protein, iron and crammed with minerals and vitamins, RogueRaw Primal Lamb Mix is a premixed POWERHOUSE raw food  for dogs and cats.  Premium human-grade lamb chunks, organs and heart muscle meat, its a must have for any canine or feline diet.

Our primal raw lamb is 100% Australian, all natural, premium produce.  Highly recommended for elimination diets, mass gain for undernourished pets and hypoallergenic.

Health benefits for dogs & cats

  • 1:3 ratio mix of lamb trim, lamb heart and organs
  • Human grade quality
  • Nutrient dense and contain many essential vitamins and minerals
  • Premium source of quality meat high in Omegas
  • Excellent novel protein