Raw Feeding Premium Balance - Meal Pack #02

Raw Feeding Premium Balance - Meal Pack #02


Premium raw balanced meal packs are put together for owners who want the ultimate best in raw natural feeding for their dog. We're not talking it up or playing games when we say premium we MEAN premium.

First up, it's a massive variety of proteins, green tripe, salmon bellies, and duck. That's just the proteins.

Goat organs and goat hearts. Massive meaty turkey legs, duck necks, lamb briskets and duck frames have different types of fats, minerals, vitamins, meat and bone content for some power packed punchy chunky meals.

The green tripe is unbeatable for gut health and microbiome support.  It's truly balanced raw feeding for dogs with quality meats and no by products or fillers.

Who can source, drive, buy and prep this raw dog food diet in a week for $88.20?

Meal Pack Contents:

Primal Wild Mix 1kg
Duck Necks 1kg
Lamb Brisket
Primal Green Tripe 900g
Duck Frames 2pk
Salmon Bellies 500g
Turkey Drumsticks 1kg

*Please note that we are currently substituting Lamb Ribs for Lamb Brisket due to supply shortages.

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