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Water Buffalo - SUPERFOOD Natural Protein

Water Buffalo Meat Chunks

Water Buffalo meat is known for its outstanding nutritional qualities, high levels of Omega 3, a fatty acid that is commonly found in marine and plant oils. 

Water buffalo meat has a significantly lower fat content in the lean meat and has approximately 43% less cholesterol than beef, according to the Australian buffalo industry council report.

A study done by the European Journal of Clinical Nutritionin September 2010 showed and came to the conclusion that the consumption of water buffalo meat  seems to be associated with several beneficial effects on cardiovascular risk profile, specifically, water buffalo meat has less fat and is richer in proteins.

Water buffalo meat is much a healthier alternative to beef because buffalo meat contains less fat and cholesterol, and more protein than beef. Buffalo meatis always darker in color because of more pigmentation or less intramuscular fat.

  • Buffalo meat very low in fat
  • Lowest cholesterol level of all domestic meat
  • Less saturated fat than beef or lamb
  • Contains significant amounts of omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, which are held to be protective against heart disease and other inflammatory disorders
  • Higher levels of iron than all other meat types and significant levels of zinc.