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Want your dog healthy from the inside?

Tripe Wild Combo

We're pushing awareness of Dysbiosis. Want to get to the root of your dogs health issues ? Get keyed up on "Dysbiosis"...STOP the cycle of sickness not the symptoms!

When delicate microbe colonies are compromised, they're unable to protect your dog. Their protective barrier to toxins and allergens is weakened so the vitamins supplied by the microbiome deplete resulting in immune system problems.

The balance allowing harmful bacteria to build colonies favours pathogenic bacteria that steal nutrients resulting in disease and sickness.
It's a MASSIVE topic and Dysbiosis should be understood by dog owners. A correct raw diet with natural nutrients, probiotics is key.

This week we're promoting our mixes that address this specific imbalance condition in so many dogs. Crammed with digestive enzymes, probiotics, high protein, natural goat organs, healthy bacteria and high protein. No preservatives  All Natural 🌿
The foundation of what your dog needs in a diet to stay well or recover from ailments!