Vitamin D - Is your dog getting enough?

Dog Getting

Worried your dogs diet is not balanced or missing key nutrients? Want to add more variety?

We've got you covered with amazing products that are off the beaten track(literally) to ensure you cover off all nutrient bases. They contain almost all the supernutrients your dog needs including omegas, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, protein, collagen and calciume, Coenzyme Q10 and so much more!

What's better they're all NATURAL nutrients not synthetic so know you're feeding the best of the best! 

Put simply, dogs are designed and built to eat other animals. Canine predatory teeth and short digestive tract, heightened predaroy senses are obvious giveaways. Another physiological fact that reveals they are carnivores is they can’t produce their own vitamin D.

Vitamin D is critical to your dog’s health, it prevents skeletal deformities in puppies, it aids the immune system to control inflammatory diseases and helps prevent cancer and is vital for skin health. 

Since dogs can’t manufacture vitamin D, so they rely on eating animals that do.  Animals like goats, deer,  cows, chickens and other herbivorous animals can manufacture vitamin D from sunshine. There is lots of it in their skin, liver and kidneys where it’s manufactured. But if your dog is eating farmed animals raised indoors starved off sunlight those animals will be vitamin D deficient. Hence your dog will be vitamin D deficient too.
For commercial diets, synthetic vitamin D is added into the food to compensate but if you’re feeding your dog a raw diet that contains a lot of farmed poultry or pork, its more than likely your dog will be vitamin D deficient … unless vitamin D is added to his diet.

So here's what we've put together for you.... some special combos and packs that will power up your feeding IMMEDIATELY, help BOOST natural vitamin D issue and... save you a bundle💸 !  (These products/packs include turkey, venison, water buffalo and beef all of which are wild or free ranged in nature and sunshine!)

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