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Want to fix "contact allergies?"

fixing dogs with grass contact allergies

How many times have you been told or heard "My dog has contact allergies"?

Whilst environmental factors such as mould, grass and pollen can trigger allergic reactions ...we prefer to go a little more than skin deep ( sorry for the pun). What if you could arm your dog with the means to actually fend off the allergy itself?
We can’t necessarily control environmental factors but there’s another way to reduce or eliminate allergies and its not medicatons... its proper diet.

Step 1 -  Farewell to commercial kibble and switch to a raw diet. For dislbelievers how about a  6 week trial?  Commercial foods are laden with preservatives, dyes and a whole lot of nasties. All of which play havoc with your dogs digestion, organs and gut flora. Given the fact that 70% of your dogs immune system is iin the digestive tract shows just how much gut health matters. These additives thmemselves cause several allergic reactions including itchy skin, stomach problems and hair loss. 

Step 2.
Feed a correct balanced raw diet ( if your dog is new to raw transition to raw over a period of minimum one week)

A raw food diet is very close to what your dog or cat’s ancestor's are eating and what they are truly meant to eat. Eating clean, wild and raw will provide your dog with the correct nutrients required to power the thousands of reactions their bio systems reqire on a daily basis. 

Step 3
Observe  your dogs health, skin and coat. Unless a dog is chronically ill or poor genetics the health should be enormously improved.  Haven't seen t he coat so shiny? That's because with the proper nutrients yours dogs skin and hairs are coated with a special sebum that provides a protective barrier to things they come into contact with!

Once your dogs health indicators are in place watch the "contact" allergic reactionsrecede.