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Natural Omega Supplement for Cats & Dogs

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Mutton Bird oil is one of nature's least-known, beneficial foods, and one of few oils not involving damaging extraction processes. Almost peerless, with high nutritive index and pureness, it has been used for health and well-being. Produced within the bird’s stomach, it has not undergone any extraction, preserving its potent nutritive properties and natural health benefits. 

Omega Wild is the pure oil from Mutton Birds, the oil has natural marine omega 3 acids EPA and DHA which have recognition within the medical world with numerous studies, trials and tests affirming the use of marine omega 3's in the area of cardiovascular conditions  and in other areas such as anti – inflammatory use for muscular stiffness, cramps and soreness the marine omega 3 acids are used both orally and dermally.

The Omega 3 acid constituents of Mutton Bird oil have properties that are said to help support immune function. Some of the nutritive properties include marine omega 3 acids EPA (AKA) Eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA (AKA) Docosahexaenoic acid also vitamins and minerals such as magnesium – iodine – selenium – iron – zinc and calcium to name some.

Since ancient time Aboriginal and Maori communities have revered Mutton Birds and their by-products as essential nutrition resources.

Studies on the ancient Maori diet revealed that they sought out seafood with the highest oil content and calories to offset their lean protein diet. Mutton bird was amongst these sought after foods and is still a favourites with local Maori today.

One of the main cultural activities the Australian Aboriginal community still engages in, is gathering this resource from mid to late autumn. Mutton Birds and by – products are a vital part of Aboriginal diet throughout the winter period. Mutton Birds are also harvested commercially by the community. A few years ago the (C.S.I.R.O) Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization reported that the numbers of Mutton Birds being seasonally harvest for both personal and commercial use were well within sustainable limit's.


  • Kittens and puppies aged between six months approx 2 ml in their food every second day. 
  • Small to medium dogs - 5ml every second or third day.
  • Larger dogs  5ml per 15 kg every second day