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Does Your Dog have Leaky Gut??

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Has your Vet diagnosed your dog with allergies?

True allergies in dogs are extremely rare and if your vet has diagnosed your dog with allergies 9 times out of 10 it is actually leaky gut!

Symptoms of leaky gut:
- Itchy, red, or inflamed skin
- Bloating
- Diarrhea
- Abdominal pain
- Bad breath
- Hyperactivity
- Bladder infections
- Gum disease
- Immune system disorders
- Respiratory illnesses such as asthma
- Joint pain
- Gastrointestinal cancer
- Autoimmune disease
- Arthritis and joint pain
- Digestive issues and bowel disease
- Yeast infections
- Liver, kidney, pancreas and gallbladder disorders
- Behavior issues (aggression or anxiety)
- Thyroid issues (and in turn, thyroid issues can worsen leaky gut)

So, what is Leaky gut?

Inside your dog’s gut there is trillions of bacteria of at least 1,000 different species. Collectively, they are called the microbiome. These bacteria feed on the foods your dog eats especially fiber, they produce enzymes to help digest food, they also help protect against pathogenic bacteria. Your dog’s immune cells work carefully with the commensal bacteria to make sure they do not trigger inflammation in the gut.

Therefore nearly 90% of your dog’s immune system is in the gut … the immune cells protect the delicate border between the gut contents and his blood and organs.
Constant inflammation will cause the junctions between the cells to open and become more permeable causing toxins, bacteria, yeast, and undigested food to leak into the blood.

This is called leaky gut.

The result is an immune response that triggers chronic inflammation in the entire body. The chronic inflammation caused by leaky gut is the driver of most chronic diseases. Dementia, autoimmune disease, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, liver disease, cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases, allergies
If a dog with leaky gut receives an allergy test the results will come back positive as there is so much inflammation that the body is reacting to everything it eats.

Causes of Leaky gut:
-High carb Diet
-Antibiotics (wiping out the gut bacteria can cause dysbiosis)
-Drugs (including NSAIDs, steroids, antihistamines, heartworm, flea, and tick meds)
-yeast overgrowth
- Glyphosate (Glyphosate is an herbicide that is also antibiotic. Glyphosate has been found in nearly all dog foods that contain grains or legumes.)
- Gluten
- Mycotoxins (Mycotoxins are cancer-causing molds that grow on grains, legumes, and other starchy plants. Mycotoxins are found in many pet foods … in fact, Purina has called them an “unavoidable contaminant.”)
- Dairy (Most dogs do not produce the enzyme lactase, which is needed to digest the lactose in dairy products.)

How to avoid/help treat Leaky gut:

Luckily, Leaky gut can be fixed naturally with food or supplements, our range of cooling anti-inflammatory foods and avoiding all causes will aid in the relief of leaky gut.

Green tripe is excellent for supporting the health of the microbiome.

Our entire food range is a system that mimics the ancestral feeding of a dog, this provides optimum nutrition to the dog, which aids the body to heal and have anti-inflammatory affects.

Our mutton bird/Omega wild is the ultimate anti-inflammatory to help the body recover from leaky gut.

Our Collagen Boost supplement is perfect for supporting the gut.