Raw Feeding for Allergies (Dogs) - Meal Pack #05

Raw Food Meal Packs for dogs with skin issues and allergies

Does your dog have contact allergies or ongoing allergies?

If so it's critical that your dog receive nutrition to nourish the immune system.
Our Allergy meal pack is specially formulated for dogs with skin issues or allergies.  This diet acts quickly and immediately nourishes and fortifies and supports the immune system of your dog.

Our Allergy meal packs are put together after years of feedback and success helping dogs recover to excellent health again.  Our natural diet acts quickly by immediately nourishing and fortifying your dogs immune system.

The products in the pack each provided a purpose for your dogs health requirements so so simply order, thaw and start feeding!  
Venison meat is highly valued for it's nutrient, protein and Omega density.  Whole sardines provide natural omegas, oils and all combined deliver variety to what your dog has been eating. Green tripe has so many benefits for gut and immune system health and duck wings for some fats, marrow and bone. 

These meal packs are focused on stabilising your dog to start addressing the underlying diet deficiency issues causing the allergic or skin conditions.

Benefits include.

  1. High Omega
  2. Natural probiotics for the digestive tract
  3. Lean wild-ranged deer meat
  4. All natural
  5. No Grains or fillers
  6. No added preservatives

Meal Pack Contents:

  • Lamb Brisket 1000g
  • Primal Lamb 1000g
  • Primal Buffalo 1000g
  • Primal Wild Protein 1000g
  • Duck Frames (2 each pack)

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