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Ocean Omega Booster Pack

  • Cats & Dogs
  • Skin & allergy issues
  • Omega 3 booster

The Ultimate Omega lifting meal topper, perfect for dog's with sensitive skin or an essential addition to meal preps.

On average the canning of fresh sardines reduces vitamin B1 by 75 %, vitamin B2 by 51 %, vitamin B3 by 34 %, vitamin B6 by 50 % and vitamin B12 by 38 %. Magnesium on average in canned sardines compared to fresh sardines is reduced by 44 %, zinc by 36 % and copper by 19 %.

Like humans, dogs can’t produce omega-3 fatty acids on their own and must get them from their diet, these omegas help calm inflamed and itchy skin soothing the dogs body naturally. 

This pack contains: