Raw Feeding Premium Balance - Meal Pack #01

Feed premium raw food for premium results.

Premium raw balanced meal packs are put together for owners who want the ultimate best in raw natural feeding for their dog. We're not talking it up or playing games when we ay PREMIUM its not marketing hype it's real deal.

First up theirs a massive variety of proteins lamb, venisons, green tripe, grass fed beef, salmon, sardines, duck, turkey.  That's just the protein.

Then you've got the organs. Goat organs, lamb organs , goats hearts, lamb hearts and everything in a whole sardine.  Turkey and duck frame have fats, meat and bones and to top it off there's vegetables and herbs in the mix.

Who can source, drive, buy and  prep this in a week for 70%?

Meal Pack Contents:

Primal Wild 1000g
Primal Lamb 1000g
Lamb Brisket 1000g
Duck Frames 1500g
Primal Green Tripe 1000g
Primal Balance + 1000g
Turkey Drumsticks 1000g

*Please note that we are currently substituting Lamb Ribs for Lamb Brisket due to supply shortages.

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Raw Meal Plan