Raw Feeding for Cats/Kittens - Meal Pack #04

Raw Feeding Diet for Cats 

All feline species are obligate carnivores regardless of opinion. There are commercial pet food that promote kibble diets but a feline is not designed the process non carnivore foods the same, therefore they are unable to utilize the nutrients. Over processed foods, carbohydrates, cooked foods, preservatives, by-products, grains and vegetables,; are not suited for their carnivorous design.

Obligate carnivores eat raw meat, organs, fur, bones and gut contents. Cat's live on  mice, birds, lizards and other small prey.  Cats require up to 85% protein, they do not produce their own Vitamin D or digestive enzymes so feeding natural raised or wild ranged produce is imperative for a healthy cat.

This meal pack ensures your cat recieves a natural raw premium diet without the hassle of sourcing, prepping, clean up and stress.

The nutrients found in a free ranged raw meat, organs and bone provides all the necessary proteins, taurines, water content and nutrition your cat needs.  We do not use 
fillers, additives, preservatives or imitation taurine.

Venison is one of the highest protein meats available and is highly prized for its high Omega and vitamin density being a wild ranged grazing animal. Together with whole sardines your cat recieve natural protein and high Omega 3.

Salmon bellies are nice chunky meaty morsels perfect for cats and chicken hearts cover off the vitamin and mineral boost for cats.


  • High in amino acids & Taurine
  • High- Moisture Content
  • Natural fatty acids
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Natural sources of Protein


Primal Venison 500g
Chicken Hearts 500g
Salmon Bellies 500g
Sardines 500g


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