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Standard Lamb Necks


Who doesn't love lamb? Lamb necks are excellent source of protein, calcium and phosphorous for dogs. These are prefect for big chewers, larger dogs and probably the largest bones we recommend feeding.  We DO NOT FEED heavy weight bearing bones as that can causes issues for your dogs teeth.

These large meaty, chunky necks feed your dog like they're supposed to be fed! They are heavy enough to provide a solid meal for most dogs.  Simply throw onto clean grass and you're done!

Apart from absolutely LOVING these necks,  there are so many health benefits for your dog.  If you're looking for the one of the ultimate in raw meals for your dog, look no further than lamb necks! Also a popular in BARF (Bones and Raw Food) or Prey Model Raw diets, raw lamb necks provide a great source of nutrition that is easy to digest.  Lamb necks are made up of bones, cartilage and connective tissue which provides essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids for your pup/dog. The combination of these nutrients helps to support a strong immune system, healthy coat, digestion and overall well-being.

  • High Protein - The protein found in lamb necks is easily absorbed by the body due to its softness and small size. This means that more nutrients are retained from the meal making it more beneficial than other proteins like beef or chicken. Additionally, they are a great source of fatty acids which are essential for energy and to support a healthy coat.
  • Rich in Minerals - The bones in the necks help to provide calcium, phosphorus and other minerals that are important for your pet's growth and development. The cartilage helps with joint health as well, while the connective tissue provides amino acids that aid in digestion.
  • Rapid absorption - Lamb necks also have digestive enzymes which help break down the food so it's easier to digest. This makes them ideal for pets who have trouble digesting their food due to age or medical conditions. Furthermore, the necks are a great oral hygiene tool as they help to scrape away plaque and tartar buildup.
  • each pack weights approx. 0.8 - 1.2kg

Overall, lamb necks are an excellent source of nutrition for your pup. They're easily digestible making them ideal for older pets or those with digestive issues, and provide essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Not to mention they make for a great dental hygiene tool! So why not give your pup the benefit of a raw lamb neck to munch or include in your BARF or Prey Model Raw diet today?  Their health will thank you for it!  Lamb necks can be easily stored in the freezer without losing any of its nutritional value making them a convenient option when you're on the go.