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Raw Meaty Goat Necks

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Raw Goat Necks - Ideal for Dogs with Allergies and Itchy Skin

Are you searching for a safe and healthy way to address your dog's allergies and itchy skin? Look no further than Australian-produced raw goat necks! These chunky and meaty bones are not only perfect for dogs suffering from allergies but also provide numerous benefits for your canine companion.

Why Choose Raw Goat Necks for Your Dog?

  1. Food to help with skin allergies: If your dog is struggling with allergies, raw goat necks can be an excellent alternative to other common proteins such as chicken, kangaroo or beef.  Goat is considered a rare novel protein, making it unlikely to trigger allergic reactions.

  2. Great for Dogs Needing a Chew: For dogs that love a substantial chew, goat necks are a perfect choice. They provide a satisfying and engaging chewing experience, promoting dental health and relieving stress.

  3. Natural Source of Vital Minerals: Raw goat necks are packed with essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus, crucial for the growth and maintenance of your puppy or adult dog's bones and overall health.

  4. Dental Health Benefits: Chewing on these flexible raw neck bones helps clean your dog's teeth, massages their gums, and promotes excellent mouth hygiene, reducing the risk of dental issues.

  5. Anxiety Relief and Boredom Buster: Dogs can experience anxiety and boredom, especially when dealing with allergies. Chewing on goat necks can help alleviate these issues by providing mental stimulation and a positive outlet for energy.

How to Feed Raw Goat Necks:

Feeding your dog these healthy and nutritious bones is simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Clean Area: Find a suitable spot with clean grass or a sectioin where your dog can comfortably chew on the bone.

  2. Serve and Watch: Thaw and offer the raw goat neck to your dog at room temperature and watch them enjoy their meal.

When it comes to providing raw meaty bones or addressing allergies and itchy skin conditions with dogs, raw goat necks are a fantastic option. Quality  Australian produce that not only satisfies your dog's need for  chewing but also provides essential minerals, dental health benefits, boredom or anxiety relief. Take care of your dogs well-being by giving them the natural goodness and massive benefits of raw goat necks!