Raw Goat Bones for Raw Feeding Dogs(mixed) 1kg

Goat - Raw Meaty Bones (mixed) 1kg

Australian Goat Bones - Perfect for Chewing & Dogs with Allergies!

Are you searching for a natural and nutritious solution to alleviate your dog's allergies or itchy skin?  Goat bones are an excellent choice for dogs not only for a satisfying chew but also for dogs suffering from itchy skin,  allergies.

They are a less common protein and these raw meaty bones are specially recommended for dogs with allergies, skin issues and itchy skin.  They help with  your dogs dental health and are a convenient size for any dog.

Benefits of Goat bones:

  1. Ideal for Allergy-Prone Dogs: If your canine companion struggles with allergies, raw meaty goat bones are a perfect choice. Packed with high-quality protein and essential nutrients, they support your dog's overall health while being gentle on sensitive systems.

  2. Big Value Chew! : All dogs need something substantial to chew on, and our Goat bones fit the bill perfectly! These chunky bones offer a satisfying chewing experience and can be a source of enjoyment for small dogs, puppies and even larger dogs. They are a convenient small size so are excellent for meal preps or little random boredom busters.

  3. Nutrient-Rich and Natural: Fresh Australian goat bones are packed with vital minerals, natural calcium, and phosphorus essential for both puppies and adult dogs. Optimize your dog's diet  and health with these nutrient-rich raw bones.

  4. Stress Relief and Mental Stimulation: Chewing bones provides more than just a delightful experience. It also helps relieve stress and boredom, keeping your dog mentally stimulated and content.

  5. Dental Hygiene and Gum Massage: Maintaining good dental hygiene is crucial for your dog's overall health. Chewing on these bones can assist in keeping their teeth clean and gums massaged, reducing the risk of dental issues.

  6. Rare Novel Protein Source: Introduce your dog to a rare novel protein with our Australian Goat bones. This can be beneficial for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies to common protein sources.

How to Feed:

Feeding your dog these meaty raw bones is easy. Simply toss them onto a clean grassy area, and your dog will do the rest! The bones are substantial enough to serve as a solid meal for most dogs, ensuring they get the nutrition they need.

If you're looking for a natural and wholesome option to support your dog's health, our  meaty goat bones are the answer. Especially suitable for dogs with allergies or itchy skin, these meaty bones provide a plethora of benefits, from essential minerals to stress relief and dental hygiene. Give your dog the best with these nutritious and delicious goat bones