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Raw Feeding for Active Dogs - Meal Pack #03

Introducing our third raw meal pack, thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of your energetic and active canine companion!

With a careful selection of premium ingredients, this raw food meal pack delivers an optimal balance of protein, nutrients, and natural probiotics, while being completely free from grains, fillers, and preservatives. Benefit from our extensive experience in raw feeding pet nutrition, as our formula has been developed and tested in collaboration with top agricultural nutritionists. It encompasses all the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life!

What's in the meal pack?

Salmon Bellies (500g): Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon bellies offer numerous health benefits, including promoting healthy skin and a glossy coat.

Lamb Brisket (1000g): This high-quality protein source supports muscle development and provides essential amino acids for your dog's overall well-being. *In light of the present shortage of lamb brisket, beef brisket will function as a temporary substitute during this period.

Primal Lamb (1000g): A delicious addition to the meal pack, primal lamb contributes to muscle growth and maintenance, ensuring your dog receives optimal nutrition.

Primal Wild (1000g): A protein-rich ingredient that supplies essential nutrients for your dog's thriving overall health.

Primal Green Tripe (900g): Green tripe is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria, promoting a healthy gut.

Goat Testes (500g): Goat testes provide a unique protein source and offer essential nutrients that contribute to your dog's overall vitality.

Duck Wings (1000g): These tasty duck wings provide a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, supporting joint health and mobility.

Duck Frames (1500g): Duck frames offer lean protein for muscle growth and maintenance, while satisfying your dog's taste buds with their delightful flavour.

    Why your dog wants this meal?

    Premium ingredients: Our dog food includes high-quality salmon, primal wild, lamb, and more.

    Protein powerhouse: Packed with a high protein content to support your dog's energy and muscle development.

    Digestive health: Natural probiotics promote a healthy digestive tract, aiding in nutrient absorption.

    Allergen-friendly: Specifically formulated for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin.

    Lean and wholesome: Our meals feature lean wild-ranged deer meat for optimal nutrition.

    Natural and filler-free: Made with all-natural ingredients and free from grains or fillers.

    Preservative-free: Our dog food is carefully crafted without any artificial preservatives, ensuring the highest quality and natural freshness for your pet.

    Why does a parent want this meal? 

    Ensures good health: Our carefully formulated recipes support the overall health of your family member.

    Peace of mind: Trust in our expertise as pet food experts to provide the best nutrition for your dog.

    Convenient delivery: Enjoy the convenience of having our premium dog food delivered to your doorstep. We also offer worldwide delivery to ensure your dog gets the best no matter where you are.

    End your search: Say goodbye to endless product searching. Our meal packs are the perfect choice, providing comprehensive nutrition that meets your pet's needs.

    Elevate your active dog's nutrition with our RAW FEEDING FOR ACTIVE DOGS - MEAL PACK #03. Ignite their energy, support muscle development, and enhance overall health with our premium ingredients and meticulously crafted formula. Say farewell to fillers


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