Whole Raw Chicken Hearts for Raw Feeding Pets 500g

Chicken Hearts 500g

Chicken Hearts - Raw Feeding Micronutrients

Dogs and cats can and should eat raw chicken hearts . Chicken's heart is a lean protein that has vitamins A, B, and fatty acids. Chicken hearts are a nutritious food for cats especially because chicken heart contains taurine which is vital for cats.

Chicken hearts, are lean protein. They contain essential fatty acids, so raw chicken hearts are natural sources of micronutrients for your dog or cat.

Cooking or heating raw hearts whether on your own stove or the canning process for dog or cat food reduces the nutrient content of the natural raw heart. Pet food processing affects the taurine content depriving your pet from the entire nutrient benefits.

Chicken hearts are a muscle meat naturally crammed with nutrients, minerals and taurine. These are vital for pups, kittens , cats and dogs.  Chicken hearts are packed with B group vitamins, iron and essential fatty acids, keeping your dog's skin and coat healthy. They also contain phosphorus, which is vital for your dogs skeletal structure development.

Excellent for ramping up your meal preps too!


  • Lean protein with fatty acids
  • Taurine, great for your pet's heart health
  • Rich in calcium and protein, improves blood supply by strengthening the blood vessels and a source of multiple vitamins
  • Excellent for cats, kittens & puppies.