Why feeding raw meat is not enough


Pet mince only is not raw feeding

To feed the correct raw food diet for dogs dog owners must ensure they provide the correct amount of phosphorus and calcium their dogs receive in their natural raw diets. The ratio of calcium to phosphorus should be 1:1 preferably slightly more calcium than phosphorus.  This is especially important in young, growing dogs who need an adequate supply of raw meaty bones in their diet to  provide the correct ratio of calcium and phosphorus.

Feeding good quality muscle meats is very important, however an all-meat raw diet isn’t enough. It will be too high in phosphorus and too low in calcium. This is unsuitable for young pups and can cause skeletal and development problems.

Calcium deficiency can also cause skeletal demineralization, particularly of the pelvis and vertebrae. On the other hand too, much calcium can disrupt normal healthy bone mineralization and growth. This is especially true in young large and giant breed dogs under 12 months of age.

Large breeds fed excess calcium are more likely to suffer from developmental bone disease … such as osteochondrosis (abnormal bone growth).


Pet mince is popular for two main reasons
1. The reality of raw feeding is that you kind of have to get your hands dirty because the nutrient packed best parts are in the heads, feet, organs, offals and parts of animals we may not eat an put simply many just don't want to deal with it.

2. Pet food producers KNOW how most consumers think so they sell minced "ready to serve" produce neatly packed and labelled to make it appealing to humans.  

3. Minced produce is hard for consumers to breakdown and see what's actually in it. Most pet food minces make product that's attractive to the mass consumer(cheap) whilst maximising their business profits (using filler such as bone dust, water, fat).  The use of bone can be a major issue as validating the exact quantity is difficult and by the time their is an issue it's often too late.

Raw meaty bones are what you see is what you get.  They are messy, hard work and labour intensive so not really great for business profitability. which is why many pet food suppliers dont sell them or eductate their customers ethically. Who suffers? Your pet because it deprives them of vital raw meaty bones they absolutely NEED.

At RogueRAW we produce our own range of specialty course mince pre-mixes as well as raw meaty bones to ensure you are able to feed your dog a truly balanced proper raw diet.  Your dog receives all it needs all from the convenience of a one stop shop.