RogueRaw Health Challenge

RogueRaw Health Challenge

raw dog food


Making claims and making promises are two different things. After 11 years of helping so many dogs regain their health we can promise we will do the same for yours. How many dog foods PROMISE you results? 

We source and produce the best of the best so where food is the issue we absolutely can promise you a healthier dog on a RogueRaw natural diet .
If your dog's health does not change within one month of eating our food we'll refund your money. 

What's the catch? Nothing. Zero, Zilch. All we ask is that you're upfront with us.

  1. Some dogs are born with genetic predispositions for poor health and chronic issues, some dogs that are so far gone or have been exposed to prolonged use of drugs and chemicals that there is almost nothing that can be done. 

  2. We require close up detail photos of your dogs body areas emailed to us so we can compare a before and after set of images. Email before images to

  3. Some dogs may require longer than one month.

  4. Removal of all commmercial/kibble feed

  5. Allow a transition period that involves your dogs system to detox, cleanse and heal.

  6. Work closely with our team to monitor and manage your dogs health and where necessary take our guidance for adjustments.

So what are you waiting for? If your dog has yeast  issue, allergies or any other illness lets see if we can help. Healthy food heals! Email or call on (02)4620 7660.