Our Philosophy - Healthy Raw Diets & Natural Care For Dogs | Rogueraw

Our Philosophy

  • We believe ALL animals deserve respect and have a right to quality of life.
  • We believe the foundation of health is nutrition.
  • We believe many industries have built empires around purely commercial gain, and we believe this is wrong.
  • We believe there is a solution to animal cruelty therefore we avoid feeding/selling intensive farmed produce where possible.
  • We believe that we/you can make a change by purchasing/supporting ethical products.
  • We believe that mankind has been entrusted with the earth and as custodians of it each one of us has a responsibility to think about our choices.

By forsaking nature we forsake a truly healthy existence. We eat depleted, processed foods to save time and money, only to spend untold amounts treating illness brought about by a poor diet. Our way of living overflows into our families and our pets.

Allergies, cancers and skin issues are at an all time high amongst both human and pets wherby it’s now accepted as normal. Of all animal species on the planet – pet dogs are the HIGHEST with rates of cancer. So many dogs that are allergic to grass and beef, could you imagine if a wolf or a coyote was allergic to grass or meat? How could it survive?

Human greed and business has intervened into a dog’s diet which has contributed to so many of the their modern, health issues. Our mission is not to make you think like us, but just to make you think. We sincerely hope you find this website insightful as we share our passion for healthy raw diets and natural care for dogs