Raw Deer Feet for Raw Feeding Dogs - 2 per Pack

Deer Feet - 2 per Pack


We take your raw feeding to the WILD side!  Our 100% Australian produce, range of raw deer feet is the perfect way to provide your furry friend with a unique, nutrient-dense food item that will take their raw feeding experience to a whole new level!

Deer are a primary prey for ancestral canids and big cats, so naturally, we include them in our range, fur, hooves, and all! Your dog will love crunching down on all-natural deer feet, which are excellent for skin, bones, and joints. Unlike minces and dry kibble, deer feet contain super nutrients that are not commonly found in other raw food items.

But that's not all! Deer feet are a unique source of manganese and iodine, two essential nutrients that are often neglected in a raw diet. Plus, they're perfect for maintaining dental and oral health, ensuring your dog's teeth and gums stay in top condition. They also have fur which aids in digstions and parasite control, plus they keep your dog fuller for longer.  

If you're concerned about your dog's joint and bone health, deer feet can be an excellent addition to their diet. And the best part? Our deer feet are completely unprocessed, with no chemicals or additives, making them a pure and biologically appropriate raw food option.

There are so many amazing benefits of feeding this rare product in your raw diet to add nutrients and variety.  So why not treat your dog to the natural goodness of deer feet? With our 100% Australian produce, you can rest assured that you're providing your dog with the best possible raw feeding experience