Chewy Lamb Ribs

Chewy Lamb Ribs

Chewy Raw Lamb Ribs for dogs

An excellent choice for raw meaty bones for dogs is our Australian-grown, hormone-free, and preservative-free raw lamb ribs. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, lamb ribs provide a balanced meal rich in nutrients crucial for your pup's development and overall health.

The bone content of lamb ribs is particularly beneficial as it offers calcium necessary for bone growth and maintenance, along with glucosamine and chondroitin, supporting joint health. Additionally, lamb ribs contain healthy fats vital for energy production and boosting your dog's immune system.

Transitioning your puppy to a raw food diet can yield significant health benefits, especially when incorporating high-quality ingredients like raw lamb ribs. Ensuring your pup's meals include raw meaty bones ensures they receive all the necessary nutritional benefits. Raw lamb ribs are an excellent option to provide a balanced diet packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Key benefits of raw lamb ribs include:

1. Rich in protein, collagen, and zinc.
2. Provides variety and a novel protein source.
3. Combination of meat, cartilage, and bone for holistic nutrition.
4. High in iron and Vitamin B6, which aid in antibody production to fight off disease and assist in protein breakdown in the body.

Each pack contains approximately 1kg of raw lamb ribs, offering a convenient and nutritious option for your dog's diet.