Raw Food Meal Pack for Dogs with Allergies or Skin Issues

Raw Food Meal Pack for Dogs with Allergies or Skin Issues

Dogs with allergy/skin issues is increasing.  Poor genetics, ingredients in pet foods such as wheat, soy, corn, and rice or pesticides in commercial processed pet food could play a role - it seems processed commercial diets have much to answer for. 

Consumers have been convinced by savvy marketing and catchy packaging to believe that this 'complete" food  magically contains everything their dog needs, the fact it can be poured out of a bag and stored easily for years is a winner for all but the poor dog.  

Protein meal is heated, rendered and compressed with synthetic vitamins and sprayed with fat to make it pallatable for dogs.  Canines are not designed to eat/process the unnatural dry pellets and this food stresses their vital organs, they are constantly dehydrated and its bulking them up on carbs - no wonder so many dogs have yeast based health issues.  Imagine yourself on such a diet? What condition do you think your skin and   health would be? ( Besides the fact kibble is more suited to human than canines)

The solution? Just feed what nature intended. Real raw meals that power up the immune system, heal the digestive tract, hydrate naturally, provide nutrients, vitamins, minerals and collagen in a form that is totally absorbed by your dog!  Not to mention probiotics for gut and digestive health, calcium for bones, teeth and gum health and a change in Ph and acid levels of your dog!   Here's some pack to help you if you need some assistance and we've used these combinations with outstanding sucess for over 9 years!