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Why is my dog allergic to beef & chicken?

Why is my dog allergic to beef & chicken?

Is your dog allergic to chicken or beef?

Disease micro-organisms are often cultured on animal tissue such as embryonic chickens made, it's impossible to seperate the virus from the unwanted animal tissue. Due to to this, the entire substance(vaccine) is injected into your dog’s body.

When dogs eats meat/fish/eggs, the proteins are digested broken down and the result is a variety of decomposed, filtered amino acids entering the bloodstream. The digestive process by way of transforming protein molecules means an immune reaction is not triggered.

Vaccines are entirely different as they completely by pass the digestion process and are are injected directly into the bloodstream, unfiltered where the foreign protein matter circulates throughout the entire body.

An immune response is triggered when the body detects these foreign proteins. White blood cells are despatched to consume the cells containing foreign proteins. This process is the natural response of protecting the body from being overcome by invading organisms. The foreign protein fragments are not always completely destroyed as the natural defence is busy cleaning up not only multiple injected viruses, but several other strong chemicals inlcuding aluminium and formaldehyde.

The remainining foreign protein matter gets absorbed into your pets body cells. T-Cells (a part of the immune system that focuses on foreign particles. T-cells circulate until they encounter their specific antigen) detect their prescence but are unable to reach them directly so end up attacking the surrounding body cells that harbor them. This often leads to autoimmune disorders including cancer, skin disorders, allergies, arthritis and more.

“ongoing studies of dogs show that following routine vaccination, there is a significant level of antibodies dogs produce against their own tissues…Some of these antibodies have been shown to target the thyroid gland, the connective tissue such as that found in the valves of the heart, red blood cells, DNA etc.”

- Larry Glickman DVM, referring to the results of the Purdue Vaccine Studies.