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Are Dental Sticks Really Cleaning your Dogs Teeth?


Many pet parents are feeding their pups / cats dental chews daily with the intent of preventing plaque buildup and dental diseases, but do dental chews really provide this?
Here we we will cover three ingredients in a ‘healthy dental chew brand and also offer some healthy alternatives for your pets
Glycerin: is an ingredient used to create the chewy texture often seen in these kinds of dental chews. It is used to bind the other ingredients and is also a preservative. Glycerin is a nutrient devoid ingredient and contains a high sugar content (since this company does not specify where this ingredient comes from, there is potential that it may also be a byproduct from diesel fuel)
Cellulose Powder: is a refined plant fibre of wood pulp, this fibre is a complex carb that is resistant to dogs digestive enzymes - Dogs can have soluble fibre such as broccoli, leafy green’s & pumpkin.
Malt Extract: is used to make the chew more palatable and is very high in sugar that can elevate your dog’s blood sugar levels. Excessive consumption of this ingredient can lead to tooth decay, obesity & liver disease.
Although the chew may be abrasive and could remove plaque, should we risk feeding a carb-filled, surgery lolly to our dog to keep their teeth clean?
Our solution? Bones!!

Nature’s natural dental chew!
Bones are fantastic for:
• Removing plaque build up on teeth
• Maintaining optimal dental hygiene
• Providing massage on the gums
Just to name a few!