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Organic free ranged chicken necks for raw feeding dogs. We're located in South West Sydney, open 7 days a week and we do home delivery of all raw food for dogs and cats.

Chicken Necks (1KG) - ORGANIC


Chicken necks  have long been a popular raw feeding go to. Their bones tend not to splinter can provide the perfect natural way of getting the right balance of calcium and phosphorus into your dogs diet.  Whilst pet industry guidelines state how much calcium your dog needs and in what ratios – what is commercially sold as powdered form in most dog food is not always from bone sources.

Organic raw chicken necks are amongs the perfect most bio available method of feeding your dogs calcium for their bone health, teeth cleaning and jaw strengthening. Unlike commercial supplements that can have the wrong type of calcium and deprives your dog of much needed chewing and teeth cleaning.

All of our organic chickens are grown using organic principals – no chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics.  They are free range on a 100% vegetarian/forage diet (the ONLY ONE in the country). Chemical residue testing has been done on our chicken and  results came back well within organic guidelines with almost 0% chemical residue.

Please note, organic farming still allows the use of meat/animal by-product used in feed mixes – we do not.


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