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Chicken Feet (Organic) - Special 2 x Packs

Chicken Feet (Organic) - Special 2 x Packs

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Chicken feet are highly nutritious for dogs. They have two main health benefits for your dogs.
1. They help manage joint conditions
2. They help maintain dental hygiene.

Chicken feet contain high levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, (commonly found in canine joint supplements). These provide the building blocks for joint cartilage, and in doing so help improve overall joint health for arthritic dogs, or dogs with joint conditions such as hip dysplasia.

If you want to support your pups development or are looking for a natural alternative to joint supplements, organic chicken feet are a must.   Each foot is packed with approximately 450mg of glucosamine. This amount is a daily dose for a medium-sized dog.

Another major health benefit is the wonders they do for your dog’s teeth. The chewing, crunching through rubbery chunky feet cleans teeth and gums. 

Further more all of this range are grown using organic principals – no chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics. They are free range on a 100% vegetarian/forage diet (the ONLY ONE in the country). Chemical residue testing has been done on our chicken and  results came back well within organic guidelines with almost 0% chemical residue.


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