Deer Feet - 2 Pack


Take your raw feeding to the WILD side!  Note this is 100%  Australian produce only. Including This is raw feeding done at a whole another level!   Deer are a common source of food for ancestral canids so naturally we include them in our range, fur, hooves and all!  It's what makes our range unique with variety, texture and rare items.  

Dogs love all natural deer feet and its excellent for skin, bones and joints. Deer feet contains super nutrients not found in minces and dry kibble and your dog will love crunching on a totally awesome and unique food item.

Benefits of deer feet:

  • Unique source of manganese and iodine, common nutrients neglected in a raw diet
  • Perfect for dental & oral Health maintenance
  • Healthy joints and bones
  • NO Processing
  • NO Chemicals
  • Nothing added, pure biologically appropriate raw food.