Lamb Brisket

Lamb Brisket

Large meaty and chunky, our lamb briskets feed your dog like they're supposed to be fed! They care heavy enough to provide a solid meal for mots dogs and soft enough to be completely eaten as a meal.

Apart from absolutely LOVING these racks,  there are so many benefits for your dog. These are a must for teeth and gum hygiene. Simply throw on the clean grass and you're done!

Bones are mandatory for dogs due to calcium and teeth cleaning requirements. DO NOT FEED heavy weight bearing bones i.e. knuckle/femur/cattle leg bones, etc... as that can causes issues for your dogs teeth.

**Brisket sizing may vary from time to time due to product availability and supply. Whilst we do our best to provide whole brisket, some orders may contain either smaller or cut briskets.**


  • Provides a variety of minerals, natural calcium and phosphorus that are vital for any puppy and adult dog.
  • Chewing bones relieves stress and provides mental stimulation.
  • Assists with mouth and teeth hygiene, cleaning and gum massage.