Stressed out about meal preps? Want a premium raw mix that covers bone, meat and organs in an easy to feed pack ready to thaw and serve? Check out what we've made for you and the only thing to need to do is feed it!

Primal Wild Mix - 1kg
Primal Wild Protein - 1kg
Duck Frames - 2 Packets (3kg)

Power combo packed with meat, bone & organs. It's a great balanced mix that will feed a small to medium sized dog, pup over 1 week.

Duck Frames are meaty meals provide meat, fat, bone and a nice chew for teeth and gums. Duck has 4 x the iron of chicken, high protein, excellently source of linoleic acid and an excellent poultry meat perfect for dogs and cats.

Primal Wild Protein Ultra premium quality, no nasties complete mix ready to serve. Wild ranged Water Buffalo, Wild Ranged Deer, Fresh Spinach, Turmeric root, Natural kelp, Fresh garlic, Pumpkin, Carrot, shiitake mushroom.

Primal Wild Mix  is 1/3 Venison muscle meat, 1/3 Green Tripe and 1/3 Goat organs eg lungs, liver, kidneys, heart & trachea.

This combo is a well thought out meal plan with extremely vital ingredients that pups, dogs needs for optimum health. It's ideal as part of the feeding program for small/medium dogs.

* Note this pack is delivered as per the image. Simply thaw and feed and store the remainder in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.  Depending on your dog you can feed out the frames over each meal and they will easily last up to 3 days in the  refrigerator.

*Please note this pack is not intended for cats or ferrets*