Raw food for Cats

Raw food for Cats

Cats benefit from raw food diets for several reasons, which are based on their biological and nutritional needs. Cats are obligate carnivores and have unique nutritional needs that can be met by eating a raw food diet composed primarily of animal meats, organs and bones.

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning their bodies are adapted to thrive primarily on animal-based diets. Raw food diets, which include whole meats, organs, and bones, provide cats with the essential nutrients they require for optimal health. These diets are rich in high-quality protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are crucial for a cat's overall well-being

Chewing on raw bones, a common component of raw food diets, can help maintain a cat's dental health. The abrasive action of gnawing on bones can naturally clean their teeth, reducing the risk of dental problems like tartar and gum disease. This mimics the natural behavior of wild cats that tear and chew their prey.

Raw food diets for cats is minimally processed, which preserves the natural enzymes and nutrients in the food. This promotes better digestion and nutrient absorption in cats. Our raw food diets for cats have zero fillers and carbohydrate content compared to commercial cat foods, reducing the risk of digestive issues like obesity and diabetes.

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Raw food for Cats

Welcome to RogueRaw Your Raw Cat Food Specialist Australia

If you're exploring the benefits of raw feeding for cats or searching for high-quality raw cat food in Australia, your quest ends here. At RogueRaw, we proudly offer 100% natural, Australian-produce raw cat food, conveniently accessible in store or online with seamless home delivery service.  Restore your feline friend to their primal roots with our selection of RogueRaw pre-packaged BARF cat food meals and treats. Our commitment to excellence in feline nutrition is reflected in every product we offer.

We specialise in rare and exotic produce to provide a raw diet unlike anything in Australia.  We prioritise the well-being of your beloved cats and dogs by sourcing the best with a preference for free range, wild and ethical based produce. 

Nourish Your Cat with Fresh, Raw Food

Cats are inherently designed to consume food that closely resembles the prey they once hunted and devoured – raw whole foods. To ensure that your cat receives the best nutrition, we have replicated the ancestral raw diets fo your cat and our range of raw cat food is without comparison and unlike any other raw food supplier is able to do.  We go above and beyond by incorporating premium human-grade whole foods, offals, mince pre-mixes and a variety of proteins such as venison, water buffalo, lamb and many poultry and fish products ensuring that your feline companion enjoys only the finest raw nutrition.

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For in-depth information on the advantages of introducing fresh and raw food to your cat's diet, or if you require information about raw food home delivery service that covers Sydney, surrounding NSW regions, Melbourne and Regional Victoria, Brisbane and Regional Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia and South Australia, we're here to help.  For online shopping for raw or BARF cat food, or general inquiries, reach out to our Customer Service Team for friendly assistance. Contact us via  phone or email us at raw@rogueroyalty.com.au. We're here to assist you in providing the best nutrition for your cherished pet!