Cat Raw Meal Pack #3 covers off the high protein, whole food and bone content for your cat.  Duck wings are hollow flight wings so they give our cats a great chew and work out as well as different poultry source.

The Primal Lamb is 1/3 equal parts of lamb meat, organs and heart muscle meat which is must for cats ( hearts are high in COQ10 & taurine)

All cats thrive on a raw diet and we just like to mix it around a little. The nutrients found in a raw meat and bone diet provides all the necessary proteins, taurines, water content and nutrition your cat needs.  

No need for fillers, additives, preservatives or Imitation Taurine.


  • High in amino acids & Taurine
  • High- Moisture Content
  • Natural fatty acids
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Natural and Real sources of Protein.

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