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Turkey Drumsticks (Organic)

The first thing you will notice about our organic turkey is the darker, richer meat colour.
These are heavy, meaty and your dog gets meat, skin, bone and marrow in a meal that is going to take some time to eat.  

Apart from the multiple nutrition benefits, these large drumsticks are perfect to relieve boredom, stress and provide mental stimulation as well as gum and teeth hygiene.

To top it off these turkeys drumsticks are free ranged and hormone free and are a far better-quality meat with higher levels of minerals, vitamins, health fats and Omegas.

  • High in protein, collagen and zinc
  • Grass fed so excellent for sensitive skin
  • Provides variety and novel protein.
  • Combination of meat, cartilage and bone.
  • Excellent for medium dogs and puppies.
  • High in Iron and Vitamin B6 which create antibodies to fight off disease and aids in breaking down proteins in the body.